Straight from the horses mouth…

‘We are getting more and more new customers every day, it’s wonderful!
I get a lot of calls from customers saying ‘I’ve seen on your website….’
or ‘I found you on the internet’, thanks to you and your excellent service.’

‘We are really pleased with the site. The amount of general email correspondence has reduced dramatically and has been replaced by specific enquiries for available dates. Feedback re the site has been very positive and I cannot thank you enough for putting it all together.’
This customer also uses our – Reservation Software For Small Businesses to show their Availability in real time.

‘…yet more compliments on the web site – everybody who uses it for the first time says very nice things re user friendly, pleasant to use, and very attractive design.’

‘We have had a lot of very nice compliments about our website…I am keeping an eye on the webstat which I find very interesting…..The hits are just going through the roof!’

‘The website you did for me is a great success – all the customers I have asked say they have seen it and found it clear. I also find the level of customer service you provide is really good…I get excellent value for money from Milford’

‘Thanks for all your help. I’m delighted to have a web page and at such an economic price too’

‘Wow what service! The new web site is producing results and we have had many compliments too!’

‘We were approached by one of your competitors the other day but as we said to them – it isn’t possible to improve upon the service we already have’

‘Absolutely delighted with the web site that you have created for us. Many many thanks’

‘My website [managed by Milford] produces over 80% of my turnover’

‘The phone does not stop ringing and all the comments I keep getting is what a great website. Taking loads of [hotel] bookings through the year’

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