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Please Call Us On 0115 922 5413 Now For A Quote For Your Website

Once we understand your requirements we will be able to give you an informal quote – ‘no job too big or too small’ – and if your project requires detailed discussion or consultation we can arrange a meeting or a longer telephone conversation at a time to suit you. A quote in writing is then sent to you by post or by email.

If You Have Less Than £100 To Spend …

…We can still offer you a top quality service! Perhaps you just need to reserve a Domain Name for future use, or you want a more professional-looking email address with a single page showing your logo and contact details? Please don’t waste time or money trying to do this yourself – we’ll set everything up for you and in the past we’ve worked wonders with as little to work with as a compliments slip!

How It Works:
One of our newest customers recently came to us in a bit of a panic because they had registered a domain name, then handed out business cards (and ‘flyers’) with their email address shown as being info ‘at’ their-domain-name.co.uk – but within 24 hours, for only 50 pounds, we’d fixed the problem. They now have a ‘holding page’ set up showing their full colour logo, contact details and brief information about their business – and the email address that was published is fully functional.

Another customer who makes specialist wooden furniture only had a limited budget, because their turnover in the first six months was not expected to cover the set up costs for their new business. We took the view that this customer could be ours for many years to come and set up a three page website with a contact form for them within four days of their enquiry – and they are already delivering chairs to new customers in various parts of the country.

If You Have Less Than £500 To Spend …

…You will be in good company – just like about a third of our customers! Within this budget range we can create professionally designed, clear and easy to use websites with up to 8 pages, an Enquiry Form, dozens of pictures or graphics and most importantly, ensure the pages are found in Google and the other Search Engines (and we won’t quibble if the project ends up running to 9 or 10 pages).

How It Works:
With all of our website design packages, we create pages using our extensive experience with search engines and ensure that it takes as short a time as possible for the new content to be found by potential customers. For example, a typical bed and breakfast website can expect to have literally dozens visitors per day looking at their new website within the first quarter. If only 1 in 10 visitors books accommodation, the website easily pays for itself.

A tradesperson who receives an enquiry by email via their new website should respond as quickly as possible – if they do, they could pick up a customer worth several hundred pounds. Over the course of a year, thousands of pounds worth of new business could result from a website that cost less than 500 pounds to create!

If You Have A Larger Budget In Mind …

…We will arrange to telephone you or meet you to discuss in detail what the project entails. One of our largest projects is Voucher Mania – Nottingham’s most popular discount website featuring hundreds of local businesses. The site utilises a custom database solution allowing VoucherMania staff to fully self manage the sites content.