I Already Have A Domain Name – Does This Matter?

No. If you already have a domian name, we can usually transfer it to our server so that we can build or manage the website without any problems at all. We can also transfer existing content if you own the copyright.

Can I choose how my website looks?

We will ask you for your chosen colour scheme, logos and any other images that identify your business. If you know of any websites you like the look of, these will help our designers build something to your taste. Our designers will build a screenshot of your future website which you can approve or request changes to. Once you have approved your design we will build your web site and incorporate any content you have supplied.

How Long Will My Website Design Take?

Timescale depends upon various factors but we generally roll out a new website in under one month, less if your project is small.

Can I Update My Own Website?

Our excellent levels of customer service see us complete most website design updates in a matter of hours. However, if you do want to update your website yourself we can build this into your design. Just let us know.

How Do I Get My Site In Google?

We design all of our websites so they are Search Engine Friendly and monitor statistics on a monthly basis making changes when required. Search Engine’s like Google love regular, unique content which is something we advise all of our customers to provide to us on a regular basis. We offer a FULL SEO service so do not go buying any additional SEO products or services. Always check with us before spending any money on your website !

Can I Add Facebook and Twitter To My Website?

We recommend the use of Facebook and Twitter to engage with your customers. Infact we will even manage the social networking presence of your business to keep you at the front of your customers’ minds and attract new customers. Just ask about our social networking services.

Can You Help Me Promote My Website?

Acquiring an online following of your new website can be tough. We have various marketing tools at our disposal which can help maximise your website traffic. Even if you are not one of our website design customers we can help.

Can You Send An Email Newsletter or Marketing Campaign?

You may have a list of email addresses which you would like to promote your website to. We can design you an email newsletter template for a one off cost and send a frequent update to your customers.

Do You Use The Latest Technology Standards

Your website pages will always use ‘Valid HTML’ code, hand coded by our qualified and experienced designers. This is vital for maximum accessibility – not every one of your potential customers uses a fast broadband connection, Microsoft Windows and the latest Version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, so our websites display consistently on the screens of many different types of computers – and hand held devices such as smart phones.

How Do I Register a Domain Name?

Domain registration is included in the cost of all website services that we offer, so we will do this for you. We will help you to identify an appropriate domain name, check its availability and purchase it for you. When your website is completed it will appear at this domain name address on the World Wide Web.

After Registration, Is My Domain Name Reserved By My Business Forever?

We will automatically renew your domian name for you upon receipt of your annual website payment. You will have no worry that someone else can ‘steal it’ after you have spent time and money promoting it as part of your business. If you fail to revew your website design with us, we will notify you in advance of it being cancelled and available for someone else to register.

Can I Transfer A Domain Away From You?

We endeavour to keep you as a customer for a long time, infact very rarely do we lose a customer! However, if you do choose to take your website to another company we will not stand in your way. We will not charge you and we will release the domain to your new website design company within 3 business days.

What If My Old Website Design Company “Owns” My Domain?

Some website design companies register domains in their name, rather than in the clients name. Although this could be for legitimate reasons, some designers use this as an excuse to charge extortionate fees when you do choose to leave their service. Do not pay anything until you discuss the situation with us. We have resolved many complex domain name disputes, and in the unlikely event that we are unable to, we can always use another!

How do I supply pictures?

You can email your pictures to us as JPEG files [taken using a digital camera], send them by post as photographs, or as JPEGs saved on a disk. We can return pictures after use if required. Alternatively, we can visit the business and take pictures ourselves, although this is a more expensive option than providing the pictures yourself. Most modern mobile phone cameras are now of a good enough standard for taking digital images for website use.

How Many Pictures can be included within my Website?

There is no limit to the number of pictures you can send – although some websites will not require more than a few images. Adding a Picture Gallery is an option, or a Slideshow or Videos.

How do I add a video to my web site?

We can upload and embed your video into your website design, however we are unable to edit or produce video footage. Alternatively you can upload your video to YouTube, which can be embeded into your web site.

Can you offer me a Adobe Flash solution?

We are not Adobe Flash developers but we can outsource this part of a project.

How Do I Stop Costs Spinning Out Of Control?

We will discuss and agree costs with you in advance so that you will know the exact total cost of your website before we begin your website design.

Do you charge extra for website maintenance?

No. All of our website management packages include normal updates to your website. If you need to change the pictures, descriptive text or prices that are published on existing website pages at any time, we will carry out the necessary work as soon as possible at no extra cost.

Can You Provide Myself or My Company with Internet Access?

We do not offer Internet Service Provision, but we can offer advice on some reputable companies to approach for a quote.

Do you offer customer service through call centres?

No – we do not have a call centre, just a direct line to our Nottingham office. You will always be dealt with by one of three people in our office immediately.